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Lead Wipe Sample Kit

Lead Wipe Sample Kit


Ready to evaluate your lead housekeeping program?

These user-friendly kits make it easy to assess lead surface levels throughout your facility.   Sampling kits include laboratory analysis.


Please note: Powderless plastic gloves are not include.


    • Kit Contents

      Kit Contents:

      • Sampling Grids (100 cm2 = 0.108 ft2)
      • Ghost Wipe sample media (10 or 20 wipes)
      • Sealable sample vials (10 or 20 vials)
      • Sample instructions
      • Nationally accrediated lead-licensed laboratory chain of custody paperwork
      • Receive sampling results within five (5) business days (once received by the laboratory)
    • Technical Specifications & Information

      Meet specifications for sampling lead and other surface metals

      • All ASTM E1792 specifications as required by U.S. EPA
      • AIHA policy on sampling materials for lead in surface dust
      • OSHA ID-125G, Addendum B
      • ASTM D7707 for beryllium
      • NIOSH 9102 Elements on Wipes, including nanomaterial
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