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Is Your Range's
Safety Program On Target?

Firing ranges are at increased risk of OSHA inspections due to OSHA's National Emphasis Program to reduce occupational exposures to lead.  Is your range ready for an OSHA inspection? Have you already evaluated the airborne lead dust levels within your range workers' breathing zones? Have you already been issued citations by OSHA? Don't fret! On Target Safety Academy is here to assist.


Onsite Personal Exposure Assessments

Let On Target Safety Academy conduct the OSHA required personal noise and airborne lead dust employee exposure sampling for your range.  In addition to satisfying the OSHA requirements for this type of sampling, these results will be used to further evaluate the effectiveness of your hazard controls.  While onsite, our Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) and Certified Safety Professional (CSP) staff will also evaluate lead dust migration on your work surfaces and identify common workplace hazards.  Contact us today to schedule your site visit!


OSHA 10-Hour Trainings

On Target Safety Academy's OSHA Authorized Outreach Trainers are here to provide your staff with hazard recognition, evaluation, and control skills during this two-day hands-on interactive training.  We are here to train your entire range staff at your facility, or you're welcome to sign-up select staff for a near-by offering.  National class offerings are posted to our EVENTS page.  Contact us today to discuss this in-person training.


Equipment Rentals

& Sampling Supplies

Let On Target Safety Academy set your range up for success with lead and noise equipment rentals and sampling supplies. Hit the ground running after you've completed your firing range specific OSHA 10-hour class by conducting the OSHA required noise and airborne lead dust sampling.  Contact us today to discuss your sampling plans prior to hitting our STORE.

Remote OSHA Citation Settlement Assistance

Get the most out of your OSHA Informal Conference.  Let On Target Safety Academy's former OSHA staff assist you remotely to maximize your citation settlement. Our proven settlement strategies are the most cost-effective solution for your range hands down. Don't spend more than you need to settle your citations.  Contact us today to discuss how we can help.

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Online Trainings

On Target Safety Academy is here to educate your range staff on workplace hazard recognition and control. Sign-up today for our mailing list to receive updates for future webinars, online bootcamps, and the official launch of our OSHA Compliance training subscription service.

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